Don't Run Your Own Email

Running your own email is generally a terrible idea. The work and maintenence required is much larger than it seems like it should be, and it's neverending.

Here's the moving pieces involved:

in summary: do not run your own email.

"But you're just some dog on the internet!" Okay, here is Eva Galpern, the director of cybersecurity for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Matt Blaze, a professor of computer science at Georgetown.

Honestly, it's like cryptography. "Don't roll your own crypto", and don't run your own email*
* Absolutely do your own email/crypto - in a lab. Do not rely on it until it's been reviewed by competent folks, running well for some amount of time, you've got monitoring, etc.

What should you do instead? Pay someone with people who can give it their undivided attention, like o365, gsuite, etc.

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