Asking to Ask

Frequently in chats, whether telegram, IRC, slack, or discord, someone says something like this:
<AnonOtter> Anyone know rust? Having an issue.

How that question is often read:
<AnonOtter> Can someone to commit to being able to solve my problem with rust, spending as much time as necessary, without them even knowing what the actual problem is or if it's even a rust problem?

Hopefully it's clear why questions like this rarely result in direct answers.

Instead, as applicable, share:

This allows anyone there to try to help. Many skills transfer well to other languages or platforms. At minimum, you might get an idea for something you haven't tried yet. Sometimes you'll even solve your own problem while narrowing down the simplest possible test case.

Oh, and don't snark at well-intentioned answers. It's rude and discourages participation.